The G2E Class Reunion

It is the Big Show in the casino gaming industry. The Global Gaming Expo (G2E) at the Sands Expo Las Vegas. Despite the heavy, dark, cloud of sorrow hanging over this spectacular city, it was an opportunity to share our feelings with those who have lived and done business in Las Vegas.

Amid the sadness, hopes are high for our Las Vegas to overcome this tragedy.

Over 400 exhibiting companies representing over 100 countries, were in attendance during the show’s 4-day run.

For us here at Bentley Price Associates, G2E is an opportunity to visit with friends and clients in person. To immerse ourselves in the energy of the city and make new acquaintances. In some ways, G2E has the feel of a class reunion.

Bentley Prices Associates works with a number of Native American tribal gaming operations to help them fill an ever-expanding cadre of top industry executives who bring their years of experience to the job. The Tuesday night (Oct. 3) National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) networking reception was an opportunity to share our ideas on how to elevate the executive hiring process.

Our trip to Las Vegas was a chance to renew acquaintances and make new friends. We’re already excited about G2E 2018.

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