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In the Hospitality and Gaming/Casino Industry, there’s little time to waste.

With billions of dollars on the line and a non-stop pace, everyone who works for you needs to deliver the goods. Bentley Price Associates, Inc. is an Executive Search and Recruiting Consultant that performs at the top of the game.


With over 48 years of specific industry experience worldwide—placing some of the most important executive talent in the business—we have the knowledge, understanding and reputation required to handle your project.

Confidentiality is a critical matter and Bentley Price Associates is dedicated to handling every assignment with the utmost attention to security and discretion. When you speak with us we will take special note of any sensitive conditions that require special attention.

President/CEO Dennis P. Rizzo and his executive management team have worked in the Hospitality and Gaming/Casino Industry at every level. Their industry knowledge and connections offer a definite advantage over other less-experienced consultants in the field.

Reach out to us now and discuss your project. We will respect your confidentiality, even if you don’t retain us this time around. But we believe our reputation will give you the assurance you need to put our team, on your team. Send a private priority message now to get things started.

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Nearly 5 Decades of Service

Among professional recruiters in the Hospitality and Gaming industries, Bentley Price Associates, Inc. has been a leader in both search and placement. We have placed candidates in hundreds of key positions and helped executives make significant career moves. Contact us now to discuss your needs.

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