On Rizzo’s Radar

What Employees Want

You might be surprised to learn that when a valuable talent is on your radar it’s not all about the money. While competitive compensation is a prerequisite, the culture of the organization is every bit as important.

Hospitality Industry Leaders Forecast Hiring for the Year Ahead

What’s ahead in 2022 for staffing? Before the pandemic, recruiting in the hospitality and casinos sector had a unique labor challenge. Typically known as the “talent crisis,” it was often very difficult to find the ideal candidate for an open position because people enjoyed their jobs and were satisfied with their careers.

The Counteroffer Conundrum

It feels good to be wanted, and you may have personal reasons to stay. You may feel compelled to accept a counteroffer. But it might not work out exactly as you expected. Here are some things to consider.

Keep Your Resume Fresh and Ready

There has never been a better time to stack the odds of premium employment opportunities in your favor. Gone are the days of hotel recruiters and casino recruiters offering jobs at sub-par wages.

Top 5 Tips to Ace Your First Interview

Is there anything more difficult than a job interview? It’s difficult for both parties, but for the candidate there’s a lot on the line. There is no shortage of advice on how to get through an interview. In fact there are more than 10,000 books on the subject on Amazon.

The G2E Class Reunion

The 2019 show was a great success. For us here at Bentley Price Associates, G2E is an opportunity to visit with friends and clients in person. To immerse ourselves in the energy of the industry and make new acquaintances.