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With the jobless rate for military veterans near 40%, putting returning vets back to work should be the goal of every employer. Increasing job opportunities for vets is the goal of Hospitality Heroes, an initiative to raise awareness of the issue in the Hospitality and Gaming Industry.

Behind the effort is a veteran of both the Vietnam War and the hospitality business. Dennis P. Rizzo, president and chief executive officer of Bentley Price Associates, Inc. credits his own experience in the United States Marine Corps with the development of essential team and leadership skills that have guided a successful career.

“Ex-military people have skills you don’t learn anywhere else; and they make excellent employees.”

“I know firsthand how hard it can be to get a civilian employer to recognize the value of your military training,” says Rizzo. “But I also know that it is precisely those skills that made me a good hotel manager and a successful business owner. Ex-military people have skills you don’t learn anywhere else; and they make excellent employees.”

Rizzo says most people find jobs through their personal and business networks. “If you have spent years in the military, your personal and private sector networks are not as deep as they need to be,” said Rizzo. With the support of employers in the hospitality and gaming industries, Hospitality Heroes can help connect vets with jobs.

“There are literally thousands of positions that companies need filled— we just have to find veterans and match them to those opportunities.”

In addition to the efforts of Rizzo and Bentley Price Associates, Inc., HospitalityMatches.com has committed to offer vets a dedicated job board and to actively look for qualified candidates to fill new positions being posted.

Frank Rizzo, president, HospitalityMatches.com got on board immediately. “My father is passionate about the Hospitality Heroes project and I am thrilled for the chance to make a difference in the lives of military veterans who have served this country honorably,” said Rizzo.

Veterans can Register in the Bentley Price Associates Database

If you are a veteran with an interest in the Hospitality and/or Casino Gaming industry you can register with us here. Once registered, you can complete a Candidate Profile. Once reviewed, we will add your information to our private (shared only with interested employers) database.

Each year, Bentley Price Associates sees hundreds of jobs that are available in the hospitality and casino gaming sectors. When we find a position that can make use of the skills you developed during your military service, we will notify you.