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You might be surprised to learn that when a valuable talent is on your radar it’s not all about the money. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a huge part of the attraction to a move, and competitive compensation is a prerequisite. But beyond that number is the rest of the package, and every bit as important is the culture of the organization.

As a recruiter, my knowledge of the employer is critical to how I position the company—not just the job. A candidate is looking for so much more in 2022. Blame it on COVID, or the evolution of employee-employer relationships over the past decade. Whatever the reason, employees want more.

Support Work-Life Balance

The hospitality and casino gaming industry isn’t unique in the demands made on upper management in terms of commitment. How many families have been fractured because of a career? Family obligations have risen to the top in what is required to have a well-balanced work-life.

What can an employer offer to speak to this growing need by its executive team?

If you are opening a property or in the middle of a turnaround, it is what it is. Nobody imagines a typical 8-hour workday and will probably be delighted to know that a 12-hour day will be sufficient. Offsetting that reality means finding ways to allow for family and recreation time.

  • Offer time perks. Consider offering paid/comped visits to other corporate properties that allow for family-oriented relaxation and adventures.
  • Extend days-off. Add to annual vacation time or add a day for a 3-day weekend.

Employees Want to Know Their Work Matters

If you are hiring someone for your executive team it should go without saying that anyone you hire will be an important part of things that matter—to the company and the employees, they supervise.

Everyone wants to feel a sense of responsibility and know that their actions will have an impact. Find opportunities to share credit and show appreciation whenever possible.

Look for Continuing Education Opportunities

Business travel and those all-important relationship-building opportunities have suffered since 2020. Consider how much is learned at a conference or continuing education opportunity. Find ways to encourage one-to-one professional opportunities.

Work-From-Home (WFH)

Two years ago, the possibility of working from home would rarely be considered routine for anyone on the executive team. My, how things have changed. Technology and software tools have allowed employees to participate with accountability over the Internet. Everyone is connected.

Even one day a week remotely will provide a break for the executive and the staff.

Open Communication Channels

You might expect that if you are in executive management; you are in the know. We all know that’s not always true. Keeping the right people in the loop is critical to developing knowledge and trust relationships. Moreover, being included reinforces team spirit and encourages cross-communication.

The World of Work 2.0

From hourly staff to highly compensated top executives how we work has been changed forever. In my role as both a conduit and go-between for employers and employees, I see this evolution play out daily.

The changes we have all experienced are at the same time a challenge and a benefit. The goal for any employer is to retire the treadmill in exchange for a hillside journey to success and job satisfaction.

We just need to find the balance between what the business needs and what our employees need and desire.

President & CEO
Bentley Price Associates, Inc.