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Bentley Price Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce the selection of Brian Parrish to the “Best of The Best” list.

Brian is a 32-year veteran of the Hospitality and Gaming Industry and has served as Chief Executive Officer for three Native American Tribes.

He is presently working with the Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise where they have five gaming facilities spread across two states.

Brian says success in leadership begins at the top. “Navajo Nation Leadership has been strong and diligent in setting tone and direction, especially in combating the spread of COVID-19. Navajo has an incredibly rich culture that we’re honoring with the design, architecture, marketing, specialty products, and story-telling that connects our guests to the tribe. It is a privilege and a blessing to be serving the Navajo People – we have an outstanding enterprise team. “

Brian has done an outstanding job keeping the team together during Covid and we hope they will be able to open all of their locations soon.

Congratulations to Brian for being one of the “Best of The Best.”

Dennis Rizzo