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In a recent New York Times report by Julie Weed, Michael Leidinger, chief technology officer with Hilton Hotels and Resorts, said his department added 140 technology-related positions in just the last two years. Leidinger said many college students are focused on pure technology companies, while hospitality offers unexpected careers. “If you’re really into technology, there’s a revolution happening in hospitality,” said Leidinger.

Bentley Price Associates can attest to what Leidinger said.

“Our clients are asking us to search for senior managers and executives who can drive technology initiatives.”

In just the past year, our clients in the Hospitality and Casino-Gaming industry are asking us to search for senior managers and executives who can drive technology initiatives.  Five years ago, we would rarely get a search that insisted on tech skills at the enterprise level.

We are also seeing an increase in senior positions that require deep knowledge in social media marketing. For years, this position was considered a minor role in the marketing department. Today, social media is critical to marketing success—particularly in development of the important one-to-one relationship with guests.

Watching the Trends

Technology is a growth area for candidates who possess the specific skills needed and the experience in management that is required of a key manager or executive.

The emphasis on social media marketing is growing and candidates who can supervise the development of fresh and SEO-friendly content, then be able to gather and accurately interpret the data, will be even more in demand.

Finally, there is always a need to find highly-qualified executives who can bring experience to the table. Ultimately, it is experience and a successful track record that will attract the big dollars and all the perks that go with the paycheck.