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Finding the best talent in rapid-fire time takes a dedicated team in the professional hospitality recruitment business. That’s why as professional hospitality recruiters, growing strong professional relationships with all of our potential candidates is something we take seriously.

Over my 40+ years in this industry, one thing that never changes is the search for outstanding talent. For qualified candidates, we are looking to find them the positions that they deserve, and in turn,  help our clients build the strongest teams possible.

Are you missing that important call that will set you on the journey to The Next Big Career Move?

Sometimes making those lasting connections takes several phone calls between our team and the candidate, often during business hours. We are always looking to make the right connections for that potential candidate and for those that the candidate knows to be top-level professionals that will fill the best jobs out there.

Let’s face it, no one wants to be talking shop on their off-time. That’s why most of our phone calls with potential candidates take place during work hours.

Often, we are calling our candidates about new opportunities that we know may not be the right fit for them, asking for their knowledge of associates that would be a perfect match. Why? Because there is no one better in knowing who is the best in their field than our roster of potential candidates. If you recommend a colleague, you would hope the same courtesy is done for you, when the time comes.

In the hospitality business finding the right person for each job is done at the speed of light.

There is no room to make a mistake when a client is in need of the right professional for their projects. Having a strong roster of professional candidates ready to consider is vital for professional hospitality recruiters. We know that word-of-mouth is the best tool in getting professionals that our clients can rely on. By building relationships with our potential candidates, we maintain connections for our clients. This means that we can get the right fit, quickly, every time.

We are always on the phone with candidates fostering a strong connection and being our client’s ears.

In the fast-paced hospitality world, neither the client nor potential candidates have any time to waste. That’s why our outstanding professional relationships with all of our potential candidates is so very important to our company.

We are always on the phone with candidates fostering a strong connection and being our client’s ears. Calling candidates at work allows this type of connection to remain strong and professional. It’s a relationship that we work hard to grow with all of our potential candidates. Those phone calls can be the start of your next business adventure.

Bentley Price Associates, Inc. www.bentleyprice.com are executive search and management consultants to the Hospitality and Casino Gaming industries and have worked on a worldwide basis for over 40 years.  The candidates registered with us are of the highest caliber in the fields of management and operations; only those with proven abilities and outstanding records of achievement will be submitted to our client companies.

If you have not already registered with our Candidate Database, I encourage you to do so now. Who knows when The Next Big Opportunity will present itself?