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In my decades of working in the Hospitality and Gaming Industry, I have met hundreds (if not thousands) of professionals. I have watched many of those individuals rise through the ranks to achieve great success in earning their reputations for character and integrity in leadership.

When the idea of a “Best of The Best” rank was first discussed with colleagues at the last G2E gathering in Las Vegas, it sounded like a grand idea to recognize those individuals at the top of the profession. Peers and co-workers are encouraged to nominate professionals who deserve recognition.

We organized a small group of industry insiders to select candidates to be honored with the “Best of The Best” recognition.

We applaud the success of leaders who show us the way to do business and thrive, in any environment.

Dennis Rizzo

Bentley Price Associates, Inc.

Gerard “Jerry” Inzerillo

Bentley Price Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce the selection of Jerry Inzerillof to the “Best Of The Best” list. Gerard “Jerry” Inzerillo is a globally celebrated Forbes-cover visionary in the hospitality and tourism industry, with a deep aptitude for positioning strategies and iconic developments.